Full fill Built-in Insulation for Traditional Build

CavityTherm built into a traditional 100-125mm cavity using traditional foundation, building skills and materials achieves U-values down to 0.15W/m2K.

A practical, affordable solution to low energy design, that results in traditional, desirable homes. Building Regulations, Zero Carbon and the Fabric Efficiency Standard.

CavityTherm U-values

Typical U-values which can be achieved using traditional building techniques and thicknesses:

Thickness U-values
100 mm 0.17 W/m2k
125 mm 0.14 W/m2k
150 mm 0.12 W/m2k
Based on the Following Specification:
Block Lambda Value 0.15, Parge Coat,
Dot and Dab Plasterboard

CavityTherm Accessories

Performance is in the detail
Thermal Bridging below 0.05 (Y)


Xtratherm Technical Team

All the members of our technical team are individually BBA accredited to help you reach your low energy goals. BBA qualified in U-value calculation, condensation risk - and also Thermal Bridging 3D analysis backed by BRE accreditation - when you call Xtratherm, you can be assured you're speaking to a qualified person.

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Technical Team
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